Philosophy / Business strategy


101 室內設計工程有限公司成立的理念是帶給普羅大眾甚至同業對設計及工程有著一個正面的看法, 所以我們對每一項作品, 都付予嶄新不斷的設計概念, 專業細緻的工程管理和一絲不苟的工藝品質。而團隊亦保持 “堅持, 誠信, 謙和及專業”的態度作為待人處事的根基。


我們擁有資深的設計師、經驗豐富的工程監督及對付每一項細節的追求, 我們有信心為每一位客戶提供最貼心的設計及服務, 讓人感到物有所值的真正意義, 也讓我們的理念和宗旨一直承傳下去。

101 Interior Design and Contracting Limited was founded with the concept of the positive view of interior design and engineering as the arts and crafts. We strive to provide the world class solutions with high quality project anagement and professional services while our team dedicated to the core values of 101 Interior Design: persistence, integrity, modesty and professionalism.

In addition to providing our professional knowledge and services, we consider all our clients as business partners. With this unique relationship, we are able to understand the real needs of our clients, effectively respond and carry out the practical concept.

Our expertise team consists of creative designers, experienced project managers and engineering supervisors and our ultimate goal is on the pursuit of perfection. We have faith in offering the adequate, exceptional service and solution to our prestige clients.